GUIDELINE helps enterprises to assess their current IT Infrastructure and evaluates whether an upgrade is required to justify their business needs. We help you to implement a sound IT infrastructure which is the most important asset for an enterprise to align its business and IT operations.

At GUIDELINE , we specialize in integrating multiple solutions into one for smooth functioning of your IT environment.

Server and Storage

We delivers superior server and storage choice that can reliably support any workload.
Our commitment to focused innovation allows customers to do more with less. 

Racking Solutions

We deliver highly efficient and intelligent rack and infrastructure solutions for existing or new IT data centers. include infrastructure, power and performance Optimized Data Centers (PODs). 

Passive Infrastructure

Passive Infrastructure services include designing of infrastructure as per the business need and the implementation services keeping in mind aspects like security, scalability and flexibility.



Multitier Networking Architecture

There are a set of tools like high-definition videos, rich-media combination tools and cloud computing that has brought in a lot of changes in the business process. Customers who make use of these innovations will not only have efficient tools with them for business advantages, but also build new opportunities in the marketplace worldwide.


Wan Optimization

Customer WAN is the basic mode that keeps them connected throughout the world for collaboration, business purpose, communications and risk alleviation. The working of the Wide-Area Network is as per the usage of the customer. WAN optimization solutions of Riverbed will not only help the business function smoothly at the same time deliver’s constant services for cutting down the cost of their IT infrastructure.


Core and Edge Switching-Routing

We provide an adaptable, unified core-to-edge network infrastructure that provides an efficient platform for enhanced end-user and administrative productivity. We have partnered with HP, Cisco and Avaya to deliver cutting-edge technology solutions.


GUIDELINE have built a reputation in systems design and integration of solutions; thanks to our team of experts who have the right skill sets and training to accomplish the best possible results.


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