System Design and Integration



Be it your digital surveillance systems, state-of-the-art boardrooms, power distribution network or your IT Infrastructure – Guideline  is here to help take the first step and move forward. Having worked with many of the major organizations in the Middle East and India to deliver projects of any size and scope, we are confident in addressing business challenges.

We take a keen interest in understanding the exact requirements of our clients and follow a specific methodology to design and integrate our solutions. Our extensive understanding of technology solutions enables us to assist clients in the selection of systems components which are of highest quality and future-proof. At Guideline , an emphasis is placed on design management and integration methods such as risk management, integrated plan, work breakdown, technical performance measurement, audits and validation of systems.

We work with market-leading vendors to offer services to a wide range of applications across various industrial sectors including but not limited to healthcare, hospitality, real estate, oil & gas, finance and bankingwith a clear focus on our core areas of expertise.

Guideline  have built a reputation in systems design and integration of solutions; thanks to our team of experts who have the right skill sets and training to accomplish the best possible results.