Be it your digital surveillance systems, state-of-the-art boardrooms, power distribution network or your IT Infrastructure – Guideline  is here to help take the first step and move forward. Having worked with many of the major organizations in the Middle East and India to deliver projects of any size and scope, we are confident in addressing business challenges.


Virtualization is the key to unlocking cloud computing. It is the most tactical IT initiative that organizations can commence during this major market transition. Fujisoft helps clients design, implement and manage 100% virtualized, cloud capable IT environments to seamlessly and securely increase organizational agility, propel business and IT initiatives and improve end user experience and performance.


We understand how critical is your IT Infrastructure to ensure smooth functioning of your business. Our certified and highly trained technicians will provide the essential services ranging from system monitoring to hardware and software solutions to ensure that it runs efficiently with zero downtime.


We bringing all your communications, messaging, collaboration, audio conferencing, video conferencing and enterprise social media tools together in a Unified Communications and Collaboration (UCC) solution that works in your environment.


IP Telephony is a common term that has more to do with devices that use Internet Protocol (IP) as a means to transmit voice and data throughout an organization. This technology is considered to have a much more versatile way of providing voice communications than the conventional telephone systems. Thanks to data flexibility and the ability for it to be transmitted reliably and quickly over great distances.


We provide a wide array of video surveillance products such as CCTVs, IP Domes, High Performance Security Cameras, IP Cameras, Analog Cameras, Encoders and Decoders, Video Recording, Monitors, Video Analytics, Matrix Switchers, Multiplexers, Keyboards and other accessories. Leveraging our many years of experience as a specialist integrator of security systems,