Leasing a copier can be a very difficult decision to make. A lot of factors come into making that choice. You need to think about what’s included with your pricing and what your rates will be. Is copier leasing a more cost-effective and business-savvy move? At Guideline, we help you weigh the pros and cons while assisting you with every step of the decision-making process.

When you invest in our copier leasing services, you can expect:

  • Customer service that exceeds your expectations
  • Multiple financing options to fit every budget
  • Easy and convenient access for billing
  • Ongoing tech support and maintenance


We understand that you may have doubts when it comes to copier leasing, and that’s why we work close by your side to determine the best solution for your business’ needs. There are many advantages to leasing copiers, such as:

  • It’s easier for you to always have an updated machine. When new improvements are released, it’s a smooth transition for your device.
  • No money up front.
  • The price of your lease contract is spread over monthly or yearly payments.

When leasing a copier, there are four main aspects that will determine the type of copier you want and the associated price. Consider these questions when choosing a copier to lease:

1. Type –  Type refers to whether the copier capable of producing color or black and white products. Color gives you the best quality while black and white cost less.

2. Speed – Speed refers to how many copies may be printed or produced over a span of time. PPM is pages per minute and IPM is images per minute.

3. Features –  Accessories apply if the copier has additional paper trays, hole-punch, or faxing capabilities.

4. Frequency – Frequency refers to how often the copier will be used.


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